Issue: (Project 1) This brand team wanted to better understand the end consumer’s decision-making process to guide product development and retailer presentations.

Action: We conducted both qualitative and quantitative research with decision makers to gather data and understand the “why behind the buy.”

Result: Multi-million-dollar incremental sku wins at a major retailer. The brand gained valuable insights for future planning, retargeted product development given the results, and developed data-based plans for each retail customer.

“…You presented robust insight about the Back to School Guest. I’d love if you can send me a soft copy of everything you shared… Great information.” - Buyer of a major retailer

Issue: (Project 2) Past innovation efforts were unsuccessful

Action: We led ideation/innovation brainstorming followed by product execution/viability reviews of each concept; three-day, hands-on summit with key leaders: product managers, technical, sales

Result: (Ongoing) Multi-million dollar sales increases projected from 4 immediately commercializable product concepts and 14 total viable concepts

“From your meetings/teachings we have made four innovation projects the #1 focus of the entire company to achieve certain milestones and to have these four items launched by mid-2017. We are very excited about this and the entire company understands the importance of achieving the milestones… I believe two will be over one million dollars in sales each.”
- A. Corydon Meyer, President & CEO, Evolution Lighting, LLC

“I thought it was informative and very well rounded. I wouldn't change anything. Melissa was just superb!”
- Anonymous Participant Evaluation <<