Scoring profitable growth: Tools to begin and win


Businesspeople want to grow their businesses.

However, they don’t know where to begin and which growth alternatives to pursue.


StratStar tools

  • Clarify the current business positioning
  • Develop a list of growth options
  • Rate each growth option on five key parameters

StratStar evaluations

  • Score each growth option
  • Visualize each growth option’s relative strengths and weaknesses



StratStar results

  • Enable numerical and visual comparisons of growth options
  • Capture valuable leadership thinking from discussions
  • Provide the foundation to develop a growth plan


StratStar initiates the growth planning process

  • Customer/consumer research: target market in-depth info.
  • Financial analysis: past and pro forma data
  • Market/competitive analysis
  • Capabilities/feasibility analysis: ops, talent, systems, etc.
  • Goodwill evaluation


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