Scoring profitable growth: Tools to begin and win


Businesspeople want to grow their businesses.

However, they don’t know where to begin and which growth alternatives to pursue.

StratStar tools

  • Clarify the current business positioning
  • Develop a list of growth options
  • Rate each growth option on five key parameters

StratStar evaluations

  • Score each growth option
  • Visualize each growth option’s relative strengths and weaknesses



StratStar results

  • Enable numerical and visual comparisons of growth options
  • Capture valuable leadership thinking from discussions
  • Provide the foundation to develop a growth plan


StratStar initiates the growth planning process

  • Customer/consumer research: target market in-depth info.
  • Financial analysis: past and pro forma data
  • Market/competitive analysis
  • Capabilities/feasibility analysis: ops, talent, systems, etc.
  • Goodwill evaluation


Case Studies


The Little Coffee Company

This company partners with veterans, disabled people, and other entrepreneurs to create coffee businesses and offer artisanal, single-origin coffee sourced directly from indigenous growers. The leadership team evaluated several different business models, discussed pros and cons for each, and planned next steps.

Strat Star’s value is in identifying and prioritizing the best business opportunities and then using the data to develop a marketing plan that systematically tackles each priority.

Steve Doherty, CFO, The Little Coffee Company








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