A superior B2B rolled moisture barrier for flooring was not getting traction; sales of $1-2M.


  • Created a full go-to-market strategy and commercialization program:
    • Product repositioning
    • Customer and competitive analyses
    • Research with users and prospects
    • Differentiators, branding, messaging
    • Sales and trade show tools
    • Promotional/YouTube videos
    • Adwords campaigns and social strategy
    • Conceived and developed AIA CEU presentations to reach architects


  • 4-year CAGR: 56% increase
  • Yr. 1 sales increased 68%, Yr. 2 up 46%, Yrs. 3 and 4 50+% increases
  • Tracking to $100M brand
  • 160+ specifications (to date) from 650+ AIA CEU presentations to architects
  • Website views increased 50%
  • Thousands of YouTube views from 50+ Floored by VersaShield videos established the brand as the industry gold standard.
  • Parent company, Halex, was acquired for $47M, based primarily on VersaShield.

“VersaShield has worked with F4Marketing on multiple projects, including innovation, consumer insights, sales presentations, CEU training, promotional and informational videos, and trade show materials. Melissa and her partners improved awareness, enhanced communication, and increased top line sales. Our 56% increase in VersaShield sales is a direct result of those projects. I recommend that any company looking to increase sales contact Melissa.”
– Mark Chichak, President and CEO

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