The owners of this landscape architecture firm were ready for explosive – but targeted – growth.

  • Refine the brand and messaging
  • Generate more high-quality leads
  • Promote the business to realize its potential


  • Created branding and new tagline: Live Outside of Ordinary
  • Developed new Foreground Forethoughts lead-generation tool
  • Reached out to the community (and prospective clients) with an informative Modern Landscape Design presentation and Q&A
  • Increased awareness and generated leads with new digital strategy, including both ads and organic


  • More leads are coming in from promising target prospects interested in undertaking large-scale residential and commercial projects.
    • These prospects and their projects are more attractive – both aesthetically and financially.
    • They are a better fit for the firm and the talents of the principals.

“Foreground is an outdoor living and landscape design firm. We were in the midst of retooling our company to focus on our desired clientele and project types, and we were referred to Melissa by an Architect we work with regularly. Wow, what a great partnership this has been. We are not a typical landscape company and Melissa got that right away. She understood that we needed to target a certain type of client who was looking for our modern and outside-the-ordinary style. In fact she came up with our new slogan (and now a mantra we live by) “Live Outside of Ordinary!” Melissa’s thorough, detailed research of our industry and competitors combined with her unique perspective on marketing and business development has led to a marked increase in our online traffic, quality leads, and ultimately sales! (I still think this [checklist] is a genius idea and something that will be super impactful.) As a company, I am sure we would have survived the uncertain and challenging times we are living through, but thanks to Melissa, we are thriving and looking forward to future growth.”
– Noah Mabry, Principal, Lead Designer

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