This nationwide healthcare-recruiting firm needed to reposition for growth and the challenges of today’s healthcare environment.


  • Identified three sustainable competitive advantages
  • Highlighted those in updated branding, online presence, and messaging
  • Created and presented a CEU course for candidate clients


  • Significant firm growth and hiring
  • Both customers and applicants have the confidence of knowing that they are working with knowledgeable healthcare professionals who create win-win opportunities.

“I was introduced to Melissa Fisher during a period when our company was going through a reorganization. We needed someone who could lead us in the best way to market and brand our company. I wanted to maintain our sophisticated and professional approach, but I wanted to add innovation. Melissa delivered, and she continues to deliver. I was impressed with the fact that, for such a reserved lady, she can definitely think outside the box. I highly recommend Melissa and her strategic approach. Melissa will have you work the whole process from beginning to end and ongoing. “Marketing never stops and never rests”
– Margaret (Peg) Tobin, President/CEO, Tobin & Associates 

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