• The Office of Innovation and Economic Development at The Ohio State University is charged with commercializing OSU research.
  • Faculty partners needed coaching to make their research understandable and compelling at three events with external audiences.
  • Topics included seven transportation/energy/technology projects with Smart City Columbus, six medical/health/food science research projects, and nine med-tech projects.



  • Created a strategic positioning for each concept
  • Developed and conducted seminars about effective communications for the presenters
  • Critiqued and edited the presentations
  • Coached each presenter on their live talks



  • All teams were successful in delivering concise, compelling stories
  • All generated interest and further dialogue with potential partners: CEOs, donors, and investors, including private investment groups.


 “We wanted to help our faculty presenters to position their concepts, craft their talks, and hone their delivery. Melissa worked with each of them to focus on the essence of the concept, refine the message, and communicate the most important details in a compelling presentation. They were all spot on, generating interest and questions from the audience and accomplishing our goal of showcasing their work to generate interest among potential partners.”

– Cheryl Turnbull, Senior Director, Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship, Office of Innovation and Economic Development, The Ohio State University

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